Prayer, Acronyms, and a Request

Dear friends,

One of our prayer requests for this year is: “Opportunities to effectively share God’s heart for the lost and the part RVA plays in supporting families who are sharing Jesus in hard to reach places.” We are excited that we have had several opportunities to share about what God is doing in the world, not just at RVA. We are also discovering that a lot of the language that we use and phrases that are very common to us are very uncommon here in the US. Here are two examples.


In September, we had the opportunity to attend the MK Synergy conference which focused on MK care and education. It was a great time to rub shoulders with over 160 other MK caregivers and educators and learn more about the needs of and resources available for Missionary Kids (that’s what MK stands for). MKs are a subgroup of TCKs (Third Culture Kids). The vast majority of our students at RVA are TCKs and that means they have a unique set of challenges, experiences, and giftings compared to peers in their home countries. When we brought home a revised, updated version of the book that is widely considered one of the most authoritative resources on TCKs, one of our own adult children promptly took the book and started reading it. The response was one of “this is all about me!” All of this has served to remind us of the importance of ministering to the children of those called to serve in the uttermost parts of the world.


Speaking of the uttermost parts of the world, another acronym that is very common overseas is UPG. Over the last several years, AIM (Africa Inland Mission) has honed their focus on Reaching the Unreached in Africa. We have also been spending more deliberate time talking about and praying for UPGs (Unreached People Groups) at RVA. If you are not sure what a people group is and why this is so important to Christians today, check out this short video to learn more.

One of the steps we are purposefully taking to help provide more information to those who are interested in missions is to provide links and information directly on our blogsite. You can go directly to Missions Resources on the site for suggested videos and resources to learn more about what God is doing in the world and to help build a vision for missions within your church or fellowship group.

A Request

Finally, we have received our new prayer cards and would love to share them with you. Unfortunately, our mail list is very outdated. Please send a quick message (by email, through Facebook, by carrier pigeon) with your current contact information (mailing address and phone number) and we will send prayer cards to you. These can help serve as a reminder to pray not only for our family, but to also pray for RVA, UPGs, TCKs and AIM (is that enough acronyms?).

Our schedule for November is below. We are also working on a plan for a road trip to visit friends and supporters along the East Coast in early December…more details will be coming soon.

Serving Together,

Brian and Missy Wagner

November Schedule

Sunday, November 3: Bethany EC Church, Ashland, PA
               9:00am sharing during Adult Sunday School
               10:10am speaking during Worship Service

Sunday, November 10: St. John Kimmels Church, Ashland, PA
               8:15am speaking during Worship Service
Sunday, November 17: Bethany EC Church, Tamaqua, PA
               8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am – speaking during all 3 Worship Services

Sunday, November 24: Mohn’s Memorial Church, Mohn’s Hill, PA
               9:00 am Sharing ONLY during Adult Sunday School
               10:30am Worship Service (Missy will sharing at the 11:00 Children’s Church)
Please write if you’d like more information on the any of the places we will be or if you would like to schedule a time to connect with us!

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Missionaries with Africa Inland Mission serving at Rift Valley Academy in Kenya

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