Wagners in Kenya


Serving at

Rift Valley Academy



Wheels-up in 8 Days!

Kenya News On August 1st, Kenya’s borders opened to international travel as was previously announced by President Kenyatta. Friends and co-workers flew in that night with no problems at all and are quarantining in their home at RVA. Though COVID cases continue to rise, it appears that Kenya is moving forward as they begin toContinue reading “Wheels-up in 8 Days!”

Opening Doors

Less than 4 weeks away! It is hard to believe that our anticipated return to Kenya is so close…August 12! Provided that God opens the doors, we are heading towards RVA. More Updates from Kenya Several of our key questions were answered by President Kenyatta’s speech on July 6. We were really impressed with theContinue reading “Opening Doors”

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