Partner with Us

Prayer is the most important way you can support us as we serve at RVA! Prayer is fundamental to the effectiveness of the ministry in which God has asked us to participate. You can receive regular prayer updates by subscribing to this blog or subscribing to our email prayer updates.

You can also partner with us through financial support. Since we do not receive a salary from RVA, all of our living expenses are met through an allowance provided through Africa Inland Mission. Our financial support also provides for our living allowance while we are on home assignment. Support monies come from many churches and individuals who have chosen to regularly contribute so that we can serve at RVA.

If you are interested in being part of our support team, please feel free to contact us directly.

You can also visit the EC Global Ministries website for information on donating to our support. Be sure to choose us from the dropdown list of GMC Missionaries. Because we are sent through the EC Church, most of our financial support goes through the EC Global Ministries office. They hold the monies that are directed to our support and forward a regular amount to Africa Inland Mission each month. They do NOT take any of that support to pay for their overhead – 100% of monies directed to our support is ultimately sent to AIM on our behalf.

If you prefer to donate to our support directly through AIM, please visit the AIM website. Simply type Wagner into the search bar and follow the directions from there to contribute to our monthly support.

Both options will provide receipts for tax-deductible contributions. In addition, both allow for online contributions and are able to set-up monthly recurring contributions. Alternatively, you can send in checks each month, quarter, year or however often you choose to contribute. If you are sending a check, please do not write our names on the check; but, include a note indicating the check is for our support.

Contributions can be mailed to:

EC Global Ministries, 100 W Park Ave., Myerstown, PA 17067


Africa Inland Mission, PO Box 3611, Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611

Updated September 2019

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